Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to Butlerama

All right, all right, already...
We are going to have a family blog.
All about the Butlers...
All the Butler news that's fit to print...
Welcome to Butlerama.

Don't expect too much from me, for as most of you know, I am a clicker, not a typer.  Writing with regularity has never been my strong point.  But if I can post pictures and give updates from time to time (and learn the ins and outs of editing a blog), my goal will be met.


  1. Jennifer...Looks and sounds great. I will be lucky if I can make this comment work ! I would love to be included in telling everyone about the Butlers in Colorado Springs and hope to be able to. Jim

  2. Well, your not the only one who is still figuring out what a BLOG is. I had to ask my kids, and have them show me what to do. So, your far ahead of me:) You have a beautiful family!!! Of course, your Butlers:) Look forward to seeing more, Love your oldest cousin(UGH) Kari