Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and Birthdays

Halloween and birthdays - these seem to go together in our family. One nephew's birthday falls right on Halloween and both T's and V's birthdays are three days later. Next week birthday season continues as E has his on the 12th and any day now we will be adding a brand new niece into the mix.

This year we had a clone trooper, a boxer, a vampire, and a Dora. I didn't get a great picture of them in full costume, but they had a good time wearing them to school, the Fall Festival, a friend's party, and the Trunk-or-Treat at church.


V was tired and grumpy when it came time for the Trunk-or-Treat, but when she saw that people were tossing treats into the bucket that I made her carry, she changed her tune. She kept trying to stop and take a treat out instead of moving on to the next car. When we finally sat down, she had to have an open treat in one hand and one in the other hand as backup. She would not wear the unruly wig that came with her costume but T held it on her long enough for a picture (and then he wore it).

On Sunday we had a combination Halloween/Birthday celebration at T's parents' house. His mom made these monster hamburgers and gave the kids Cheetos that turned their mouths blue. Spoooooooooooky!

We then moved on to the birthdays. V turned two and T turned a number much bigger than two. I was really surprised when she blew out her candles right on cue after the song - I guess watching the Blue's Clues birthday episode a million times has finally paid off. She fell asleep eating cake and almost missed present time, but we jostled her till she woke up.

T got a party Spongebob for his birthday, among other things. There is a reason for this, and you will have to ask him the story next time you see him. (By the way, T is the one on the left.)

Tuesday was T and V's actual birthday, so we celebrated again! (No, I am not complaining. I am just warning you that there are more pictures to come...) My parents came over for dinner and our dear friend Sabra stopped by as well. What is the best part of opening presents? Turning yourself into one!

 E gave his dad a homemade card and one dollar! We are so glad he decided to tape the bill to the paper instead of gluing it. My mom gave him some sauces from her recent trip to Japan. I am looking forward to eating whatever he ends up making with them. Yum.

Sabra gave V a cute doll that moves and coos and sounds remarkably like V! It came with a toy bottle and V alternated "feeding" the baby and taking a swig herself. I since found that I have to be careful where I put the doll - it has a motion sensor in its forehead and will start moving and making noises when I am not expecting it. Spooooooooooooky!

Finally, here is one last picture just for the fun of it and to make you say, "What?!?" Come on, say it with me: Spoooooooooooooooooky!!!