Saturday, September 6, 2008

N's Birthday

N turned 8 at the end of August. For something different, we decided to take some friends to the bowling alley. I got pretty ambitious (for me) and made bowling-themed invites, matching T-shirts for all the kids, and a bowling ball-shaped cake. We played one game, had a pizza, then went back to our house for cake and presents. It was a good time! E's ball rolled so slowly that we weren't always sure if it was going to make it all the way, but it did every time. Thanks to cousin C for helping us out. 

The next night we celebrated with cousins at the Butlers' house. I have to post this first picture of N with cousins E and J because it makes me laugh every time I see it. It's just one of those odd moments that happened to get captured forever. The next picture is pretty good, though, and makes up for the absurdity of the first.

Happy birthday, N. We love you!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun party! You really went all out. T-shirts, even!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love that cake!

    You and I are going to have to discuss the way you do the pictures. I need to try that.

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  4. Happy BIrthday! I love the cake!
    It looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Happy Birthday, N. It looks like you had a ball--except that one picture looks like you might have had a gutter ball. Did you swim at your Butler party?It's great to see your party on the blog. Almost, but not quite, as good as being there. Love, Grandma Leona