Monday, October 27, 2008

Back Again

It's been a while since I added a post and am determined to put one up today, even if it only says that I am determined to put one up today. I feel a need to give a shout-out (Am I allowed to do that as a thirty-something, white, incredibly unhip stay-at-home mom? Probably not.) to those of you who are so good about posting on your blogs and letting the rest of us peek into your worlds - and you know who you are (SK!).

I'll include the recent pictures of V since she is the one who changes the most. A couple of weeks ago I realized I hadn't heard or seen from her in a few minutes. I was sitting on the couch to the left in the picture and couldn't see from there that she had fallen asleep half-hidden under the rocking chair. Yes, I did take the bottle out of her mouth after the picture. I don't want her teeth rotting out either.

Here she is in her goldfish robe fresh from the bath. I got this robe as a present at my baby shower for E back when we thought he was going to be girl and held on to it till I had a cute girl to put it on! Totally worth the wait.

Finally, here she is doing her weekly chores. It's about time she started pulling her weight around here! She actually was doing a good job of pushing the broom around until it got stuck under the stove. I would be embarrassed about all the stuff on the floor, but those are things she pulled out as she did her daily rearranging of my cabinets. In the last picture she is saying that she is done with the kitchen and will be moving on to the bathrooms. It's so nice to have help around the house.


  1. Hi Jen!

    I'm glad to see you back again! Cute pictures of V! It looks like she is getting around pretty good!
    She is growing up fast! I enjoyed E at Brianna's Birthday Party, he was so cute in his mouse costume! I like your new background...very cute! WELCOME BACK!

  2. I haven't seen V. since she was a tiny baby. She is such a darling little girl. I'm glad you decided to do another post. I'm coming to Yuma in December so I can see her in person. elb

  3. YOU'RE BACK, and I know who SK is! I was just talking about V to Joan today. I was raving about her as if she were one of my own. Love that kid! I want to do a Heritage Makers book of all the obscure spots and positions we have found Buddy sleeping in.

  4. V's gotten so big! She looks like E I think. Thanks for posting some pics, I couldn't get the video of her walking to work on my computer.