Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Strides

Here are a few things I wanted to include before time got too far away from me.

Last month, N was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a special day for him and we were especially grateful that T was able to baptize him and confirm him. After the service we had ice cream sundaes at the house. Yum!

This is by far the girliest non-church outfit I have put on V. I still have a hard time dressing her in girl clothes after having three boys. Her bald head doesn’t help things, either. I put it on her almost as a joke because it is so different from how I usually dress her, but I figured she ought to wear it at least once. I’m going to try not to impose my blasé sense of style on her as she grows, but it might be inevitable. 

Here is a video my mom took at her house of V walking, falling, and walking again as Papa P and I look on...

That was taken about two weeks ago, and she gets better and better every day.

Finally, here is photographic proof of J trying ketchup… and surviving! If you know J you know that this is a big deal, especially since his brother N is the self-proclaimed “King of Ketchup.” He didn’t decide that he likes it, but at least he knows that it’s not poisonous. Now to get them to try ranch…


  1. I'm so glad that J didn't succumb to a fate worse than death by trying ketchup.
    N looks so sweet with T in that picture!
    And I love the pink and ruffles on V :D

  2. I've been hoping you'd post some pictures of N,s baptism. It's a very special time. You must have needed very big bowls for those sundies. V looks like a beautiful little girl whether she has hair or not. She looks darling in ruffles. I'm glad J tried ketchup. There's a lot of good things for him to try. He should be as excited about food as he is about books. I guess that's not the way it works. I love the way the pictures show him hesitently trying it, actually tasting it and then deciding it wasn't so bad after all. elb

  3. Thanks for posting that video of V walking, I couldn't open it when Granny Sue emailed it to me. Your babies are all growing up so fast. J's 10, N's baptized... Don't worry about V being bald--wasn't J bald for a while? She's only keeping up the tradition. ;-)

  4. Yeah J! Way to face the fear! I can't believe V is walking that well! What a big girl! And that outfit is DARLING!

  5. I always love the white pre baptism picture!

    I adore V's bald head. It is her perfect look. Don't worry about imposing any style on her. It is very likely she will let you know exactly what HER style is, sooner than you know.....