Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas #2 - When Pigs Fly

Every year we have Christmas Eve at T’s parents’ house. Here is the collection of grandkids that gets bigger every year as well as our own crew:

We had a dee-licious ham and mashed potato dinner (we are still talking about how good that food was) with Julian pies for dessert. Mmm-mmm good. We had all chipped in to get T’s mom new Christmas dishes, and T’s sister had the bright idea for me to bring them over pretending they were mine and set the table. She then wrapped the empty boxes for her mom to open during present time. She was very surprised and happy to discover that the set was actually hers!

After dinner we sang Christmas songs and tried to convince the kids that we should just wait until the next day to open presents. There were no takers. The biggest hit for my kids this year was that they each got a Wii game from Grandma and Papa Butler. E was the most excited by this and told us that “Grandma turned my frown upside down!” We had rented his game, Boom Blox, before (fun game!), and it meant a lot to him that we can keep this one and not have to give it back. All night and the next day he sang Grandma’s praises.

I have to mention my nephew E. He is the coolest kid to have around at present opening time because he gets really excited about EVERYTHING! Even at our E’s birthday party he was whooping and hollering at each present like his team had just won the Super Bowl. We do a name exchange for the cousins and he was one of ours this year. We got him some blocks, but I also threw in this pj set even though I felt a little guilty because pj’s just aren’t very fun. But we all knew when he opened it because he started yelling, “Pajamas! Whoo hoo! Yeah!!!” I was so happy to see that I had caught the moment on camera.

A while back I saw these great toys at our friends’ house and knew that I wanted to have some, so I ordered one for each of the cousins to open last on Christmas Eve. They are Flingshots – animal slingshots that make noises when you fling them. Pretty soon we had barnyard animals flying all over the living room. Here is V holding a duck and a cow, and I love that you can see the pig in midair as it oinked its way from one end of the room to the other.

Finally, here is a montage of some of the other Christmas Eve photos. Feel free to skip it if you like, but hey, it's only 21 seconds of your time...


  1. Oooo, Flingshots, I remember you telling me about those. I want one! =)

  2. I've seen those cute little flingshots! Wesley Davis had one, he loved it! Cute gifts for kids!
    What Fun! Cute Pictures!

  3. I especially enjoyed this post, because it gave me a chance to view the Christmas I missed. I had every intention of being there, but circumstances kept me in Colorado. Last year, V and H were tiny babies in their red and pink outfits. This year they are sitting right in with the rest of the children. It looks like you had fun. Great Grandma B

  4. Wonderful pictures! I really like the one of your whole family. And the montage at the end was well worth the 21 seconds....:)

  5. MMMMMMMM... pies from Julian. It's been a while. I love flingshots, I think they're hilarious! A friend of mine had a monkey one. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. It was great having Mom and Dad here and being able to spend time with them.