Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas #3 - Messy Reindeer

Christmas morning was filled with new jammies, books, toys, and treats. I think this was our latest start ever, though. We have so much fun on Christmas Eve that we are all exhausted the next day. We told the kids they had to stay in their room until we got them, and I checked on them at 8:30 thinking they would be beating down the door. Nope. They were passed out. According to my camera, the first picture I took was at 10:25am. V slept through the whole thing - I'm not even sure she saw her spread before we left for dinner. My favorite gift was a Momma Mia DVD. Santa always seems to know what I want.

Wii pants for my Wii boy with a Wii pocket for his Wii remote:

On Christmas Eve the boys had decided that instead of leaving cookies (since we didn't have any in the house anyway) that they would cater to the reindeer - they left a bowl of carrots and a bowl of water with a note for Santa. The next morning there was a note of thanks from the big guy but no bowls. We later discovered them on the front sidewalk, bits of carrots strewn around and hoof marks in the grass. We're glad the reindeer enjoyed their treat. :)

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