Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas #4 - The End Is Near

Christmas dinner is celebrated at my parents’ house. Here are the kids decked out in their new jammies.

My mom got me this plaque that says “My greatest blessings call me Mom” and The LDS Family Hymnbook – well, kind of. It turned out that she and I both bought this beautiful book for my niece in Idaho, and since I had already written a message to her in mine, Mom decided to give this copy to us. Lucky me!

T kept V entertained by tossing her up in the air over and over again. Why does the grown-up always get tired of this game before the kid does?

Here are the kids proving the old cliche that no matter how great the present you buy, they would always rather play with the box. (Actually, they do play with the present that came inside, so I'm glad I didn't just buy the box.)

So those were our Christmases, but I do want to mention two other presents that we just love. The first one is a stool that my sister brought for V from Thailand. It is super hot pink on the bottom and has a beautiful shiny dragonfly on the top. I hope to use it for some portraits in the spring. The other is this gorgeous quilt that T's mom made for V. It is a rag quilt with darling little ballerinas embroidered on some of the squares. You know, I'm still not really into girly stuff, but I will admit that their presents are a lot more fun to look at than boys'.

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